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About Us

United Truck & Equipment is a manufacturer and leading nationwide supplier of mobile fluid spray systems for a wide range of applications.

We build our tanks from the ground up, starting with A36 sheet steel (or 304 2B stainless if specified) with a minimum thickness of 3/16” (or 7-gauge if stainless). Depending on the customer spec, shells are rolled either to a modified ellipse or a modified trapezoid with a radius bottom, yielding the desired volume distribution and/or rear view visibility. All shell seams are welded 100% on both sides.

Our tank design properly distributes the forces of hauled water evenly throughout the vessel. Toward this, we install curved bulkheads, which match or exceed the shell thickness. All contact between heads and shell is welded 100% on both sides. To suppress fluid surge during stops and starts, according to capacity and dimension we baffle our tanks with the appropriate number of ported and curved lateral steel sheets. Internally, our tanks contain no unbaffled chamber exceeding 1700 gallons. As with the bulkheads, all contact between baffle and shell is welded 100% on both sides.

Tanks of 2700 gallons and above are reinforced with a full-length belly plate, effectively doubling the bottom thickness of the tank. Bottom runner skids are fully welded to the bottom of the tank for precise interface to the chassis frame. Between truck frame and tank runner, a vulcanized rubber wear pad diffuses stress and surge even further.

Our specifications do not merely meet industry standards. Over years of quality manufacturing, our specifications have BECOME the standard, offering not only safety of design, but a durability so stout that United Truck can confidently offer a limited five-year tank construction warranty – tops in the industry.

After the tank construction is complete, our coating department stands ready to apply treatments according to customer needs. Exteriors can be powdercoated in our industrial oven, either with our stock fleet white or a customized color spec. Internally, to protect against oxidation, we can line our tank interiors with high-grade epoxy, further ensuring multi-year service.

Our fabrication department builds fluid spray systems that work in functional concert with tank and truck. All pressurized lines are at least schedule-40 black pipe (or stainless if specified), and professionally plumbed for unrestricted water flow, using air-actuated water valves and spray heads of our own manufacture, specifically designed to maximize output and minimize water ‘hammer’ throughout the system.

Informed by over thirty years of experience with a myriad of chassis specs, our shop specifies and installs the optimum interface between spray system and chassis - most often a power-take-off, customized to the combination of transmission and pump, spinning the impeller to the desired efficiency for both volume and pressure. As an alternative to the strict PTO system, United also has extensive experience installing hydraulically driven spray applications. Mechanical and lighting specs are tailored to the individual truck, and we can adjust the frame length or even relocate certain chassis components to accommodate both the tank and plumbing.

We can supply the chassis, or tailor a system to a truck the customer provides. Beyond that, if we are supplied clear transmission and axle information, we can build an uninstalled tank spray system in kit form, customized to those specifications.

Our inventory warehouse supports not only our UnitedBuilt tanks and trucks, but mobile fluid systems of almost every manufacture. We pride ourselves on maximizing our service level for repair and replacement material for water trucks, maintaining a 96% fill rate on stock parts orders.

In short, United Truck is equipped to provide the most complete, functional, and precisely tailored mobile spray system possible for your application.