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Water Truck FAQs

Q: Does United Truck & Equipment offer me flexibility in water tank length and gallonage?
A. United Truck offers a nearly infinite combination of water tank configurations to accomodate length and gallonage requirements. Standard tank types can range from 1800 to 6000 gallons, and from 10 to 18 feet and longer. Tanks may be built to the classic modified ellipse, or to a modified trapezoid with radius bottom. 16 different gallons-per-foot configurations ensure that United Truck can meet nearly any water system specification.
Q: Do I have choices about the type and quantity of valves and spray heads to apply to my water truck?
A. United Truck & Equipment builds a wide variety of spray systems. Your water delivery choices include how many valves, how many spray nozzles, how the nozzles are actuated, whether each spray or each bar is independently controlled, how many controls are on the cab console, whether to use ‘duckbill’ or adjustable type nozzles, and whether to use United Truck valve and nozzle products or those of a handful of other manufacturers, all in stock. In short, United Truck is positioned to equip you with the water delivery application you need.
Q: Can I supply the chassis for my water truck system?
A. While offering completed water truck systems ‘ready to roll’, United Truck & Equipment has extensive experience tailoring water systems to all chassis makes and models. You can bring your truck to our Phoenix location for system installation, or simply specify the make, model, cab-to-axle, and transmission to order a water tank kit, which you may install yourself. Whichever option you choose, the contact between truck frame and tank system is protected by vulcanized wear pads and spring-loaded mounting brackets. Completed truck units, installed systems, or tank kits - United Truck builds them all.
Q: Can United Truck paint my tank system?
A. United Truck & Equipment has an industrial powdercoating oven and an accomplished coating department to sandblast, prime, powdercoat, and/or detail your water truck system. Call a United Truck sales representative to find out more, including an epoxy coating option available for tank interiors.
Q: Can I get spare and repair parts for my water truck from United?
A. United Truck & Equipment offers a complete warehouse and staff to handle your every water truck parts request.