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STANDARD SIZES: 2000-2400 gallons (single axle) 3000-4000 gallons (tandem axle). 6 VALVE SPRAY SYSTEM: Six independently air operated UTEAV9030 valves with flusher nozzles: Two valves with lowered flusher nozzles at front of truck. Two valves with lowered flusher nozzles on each side of truck behind the cab. Two valves at back of the tank with standard adjustable fan sprays. (Truck pictured with optional front center and rear flushing nozzles.) All plumbing in schedule 40 steel pipe with groove style flexible fittings throughout (no thread fittings or hose plumbing). WATER PUMP: Berkeley B4ERBMS 5x4 centrifugal cast iron pump 900GPM @ 150PSI with ceramic mechanical seal. DRIVE: Chelsea heavy duty two gear air shift PTO with 1310 series balanced tube drive line. MOUNTING: Heavy duty angle tie down mounts, spring loaded at front of tank. Vulcanized rubber wear pad for tanks 3000 gallon and larger. LIGHTS: DOT sealed beam lights with wire looms encased in rubber. PAINT: Exterior sandblasted, urethane enamel paint applied. REAR BUMPER: Frame is tailed out: Push block constructed of 1/2” steel with storage and hinged lid.
Category Hook Tank & Flusher System

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