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Water Truck Parts: In Stock, Top Quality, Ships in 1 Day! Order by 2PM MST.
Water Truck Parts: In Stock, Top Quality, Ships in 1 Day! Order by 2PM MST.

UnitedBuilt's History

  • 1947
  • 1972
  • 1984
  • 2002
  • 2021

United Truck & Equipment was founded by Lester A. Trauscht after he returned from his service in WWII and found an opportunity selling surplus military supplies. Lester and his wife Virginia had two sons, Larry and Mark, and from an early age, Lester began imparting his business knowledge to his sons.

Lester was dedicated to catering to the unique needs of his customers. In 1972, when a customer expressed a need for a water truck, it marked a pivotal moment for the business, leading United Truck to manufacture its inaugural water truck. Over the subsequent 52 years, United Truck and Equipment set the standard in the water truck industry by consistently producing top-quality products supported by the longest water tank warranty.

In 1984, United Truck moved to its current location to meet the growing demands for its products.

In 2002, following years of devoted effort and growth, Lester retired, entrusting his sons to carry on United Truck & Equipment, Inc. into its second generation.

After Larry and his wife Sheila retired in 2021, Matt Barrick, who had led the Sales Department of United Truck & Equipment, Inc. for three decades, and his wife,  acquired the company and carried its ownership into the third generation. In 2022, to highlight the continued dedication to producing top-quality, fully customizable equipment proudly made in the United States of America, the Barricks rebranded the company to UnitedBuilt Equipment.

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